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Rocky Balboa


30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
Liverpool FC
Out of a pure spur of the moment sorta thing, I took a last minute flight to go to America to watch this* in the premiere showing.

I am actually quite shocked by it - as it is surprisingly not as bad as I thought it'd be. In fact, it was actually quite good and enjoyable to watch(!). It was quite emotional and definitely back to its original best - definitely hyped me up! ;)

If you can see past the crappy plastic surgery, I was shocked at Stallone decent acting skills. Mason was well played too - the "baddie" was actually believeable this time!

I'm prob gonna watch it again too - highly recommended! ;)

Edit: I'll definitely put it up there with the original Rocky and Rocky III (which I really loved for some reason).

*May not actually be true
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13 November 2006
Wow, you took a flight to America to watch it! :shock: ;) :lol:

I heard it is actually quite a good film. Stallone needed to give the character a proper send off apparently because he wasn't happy with the way the last one ended. Speaking of which, Rocky 5 came out nearly seventeen years ago. Sly has to be applauded I think to come back and produce the goods after all that time. And at sixty years old you gotta give the man credit. :applause:


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Watched it as well... on the plane... dont ask me how. Was, like mentioned above, surprisingly quite good. Good end to the series, and definitely better than the last 2.


21 November 2004
I loved it. Very simple movie but it can be touching and very efficient. Stallone is amazing. Niiiiiiiice !


21 October 2002
Man Utd
Just seen it and must say its a very good film. Much more like Rocky 1 than any of the others as its more drama based than action but a fine film it is.
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