Superman Returns (Please use spoiler tags!)


30 March 2003
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Anyone see this?

Have to say, I am a huge fan of the original films (and most superhero films) I was looking forward to this for a long long time.

It got delayed several times - Kevin Smith made a script: but it wasn't used. Nicolas Cage was supposed to star, but that fell through. However, once Bryan Singer got confirmed as director, I've had high expectations.

However.... I left the cinema with a empty feeling in my stomach :(

It was a ok film in it's own right - but was still a great letdown. The actor playing Superman had cardboard acting skills, the costume just didn't look right, we didn't like Lois and Singer tried to make it a bit too stylish.

This was one of those films where watching the trailers would ruin everything. Every decent SFX was shown in the trailers - the film didn't have much else unfortunately :(


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29 March 2003
it was ok. better than xmen 3 for sure but no way near as good as xmen2.
some flaws such as the story wasnt really that gripping, as you said the actor was shit etc


15 April 2003
I liked it. Although I am not a big DC Comics guy and my only Superman expertise is confined to an old VHS of Superman with Reeves and a few episodes of Smallville.


9 November 2004
Am i the only one who s thinking that this movie is shit...
the story is predictable ( sorry i dont know the word for previsible ) and too dramatic ...
more over there is no struggle between SM and LL, Lois is uggly ...
so i didn t like this movie .. i prefer xmen saga


7 June 2005
I liked the file but then I didnt see the trailers for it. The actor who plays Superman does have a look of Christopher Reeves about him too, more so when he was sat down !!
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