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The Transfer Speculation & Discussion Thread


Attacking Midfielder
10 July 2008
Real Madrid

yeah, no doubt about it. I just meant that even in their actual age they're worth more than Pogba (by far). If he's 120 than anyone of them is 250.


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
wow, that sounds like a huge mistake
Its the silliness of this window. Wenger loves Giroud although he`s only a 16 goal finisher a season.

Higi was on the wanted list from RM a few yrs back before going to Napoli,but Wenger refuse to give 5m€ :LOL: He such useless fossil of a manager.


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
Björn Engels (Club Brugge) to Arsenal.

There is also a rumour about Lombaerts (Zenith) going to Arsenal.

Both are CB's, i guess it will be either Engels or Lombaerts.


3 August 2016
Can anybody share the thread where i can get info about watching (Olympics) soccer matches on BBC or NBC via online streaming? I will be traveling next week.


Stroking Silva's Hair
27 July 2012
Manchester City
Yea, surprised he hasn't featured more for us in preseason. Adarabioyo was favoured over him, tho imo Denayer is better.

Lisbon also in for him but Denayer himself has changed his twitter profile back to a Gala pic so it's clear where he prefers to spend next season.


Stroking Silva's Hair
27 July 2012
Manchester City
Cillessen (Ajax) --> Barca (left out of Ajax squad)
Bravo (Barca) --> City (may be last game tomorrow vs Betis)

Denayer to Gala looks to be off after City refused the option to buy.


Stroking Silva's Hair
27 July 2012
Manchester City
Ha. Think we need 2 new fullbacks to complete Pep's vision. Clichy/Kolarov and Sagna/Zaba aren't as suited to the 'false FBs' thing as Lahm and Alaba.
Obv can't do everything in one summer tho.


Dicen que nunca se rinde
22 January 2014
Austria, Salzburg
FC Sevilla
Paco Alcácer (Valencia) --> Barcelona
in exchange for Samper and munir (loan)

Would be a bad deal for Valencia, but they have few options, they still have to sell players because of FFP
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