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What are you listening to?


11 December 2007
Buenos Aires, Argentina
There is still some way to go for Em’ in terms of his best records, but I must say - to be able to spit and show some relevance after that many records? Damn... I’m surprised nobody mentions Darkness. An incredible song with some crazy switches throughout the song. No... It’s not Stan, but to be able to make a song like that at 47. Damn… What an artist.

I haven’t followed an artist that much, as I do with Eminem and I will probably never will again. I am heavily biased - No doubt about that, but Eminem isn’t just a reflection of problematic language. He is not just relevant because of millions of fans. He is because although there is longer in between nowadays, there are still songs where he is incomparable. Yes, he has less to say - But when there is something to say he is at another level - Still.

And again... Nobody sounds like him. That is a clear advantage in rap music.

Actually, I feel some of his records are very very very underrated. Especially Recovery I see as a masterpiece. I never understood why he was criticized so much for that one. There are some clear misses (overall) but nevertheless, I still have songs on every album that I would enjoy today.

  • The Marshall Mathers LP
  • The Eminem Show
  • The Marshall Mathers LP 2
  • Recovery
  • Music To Be Murdered By
  • Kamikaze
  • Slim Shady LP
  • Encore
  • Relapse
  • Revival
I rate Recovery as my 4th favourite. I love that album.
It's not that crazy Slim Shady type of record. But it's a more mature Em, with great flow and some dope beats.
Although you'll probably find that it's not very loved among the hardcore fan base. But to me, it's the type of album you can play at anytime, in any situation. Whether you're on a car trip with your girlfriend, or at work, or maybe having a few drinks with some friends.

About Darkness...

It is a masterpiece, indeed.
He could do that type of songs all day if he wanted to - I bet.
I think he just chooses not to be obvious.
He did Guilty Conscience (he wrote Dre's parts as well), then Stan, and now Darkness.
But if you think about it, he's done many other story-telling type of songs, like Sing For The Moment. 3 AM (Horrocore). But there's less shock-value in those.

Funny thing is, he helped raise more than 2 Million dollars for the victims of the Manchester shooting (I think I read somewhere that he raised more than Ariana Grande herself), then he also did this wonderful video. But everybody was going bananas and protesting against Em, asking the media to cancel him, because of two lines in the song Unaccommodating (I'm contemplating, yelling bombs away, like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting).

I don't know. I'm too biased when it comes to Eminem, I think he is literally a genius.
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