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Winning Eleven 9 INT Online League - 5 players needed

Gascoigne USA

22 September 2003
Albany NY
Hi all,

Its been a while since I havce posted here. Anyway, 4 of my friends, and I will be starting up a online league that consists of 10 teams. I need 5 other players that are decent idividuals, no whinning, lag cheating Real Madrid/Barcelona picking bums! :) Partly kidding there... I'm sick of seeing those teams online as well as Milan. I seem to want to try new teams, while every punk I play seems to pick same team and load their own stock formation. Oh well. They still loose, most of the time. Oh sorry to go on a rant. BAck to the subject at hand.

Online League, 10 teams, each team plays each twice. 2 games a week. I will have all table and fixture info on my site. http://web.mac.com/mgreen75/iWeb.

We prefer cool people, with decent ability, and with a good, laggless connection.

Rules are. NO COMPUTERS/WIRLESS crap on the network while you play, ONLY PS2. With those rules you will be able to tell when someone has one on and is doing stuff, as the lag will be horrible. 10 mins, No extra time, No PK's. 9 pauses, and Time Limit set to LONG. Weather and stuff like that is all random. I'm going to ask everyone before hand about having the player form being random or not.

Home team sets up match room, in friendly lobbies so these games wont count for or against your overall Konami rankings. Home Player has to report score to me, goal scores and if anyone was red carded. Red Carded player have to sit next game. So you will have to be aware who on your team or your opponents team should be out. I'll have that info on the sit.

Anyone interested can email me at mgreen75@mac.com, or IM me on AOL at dalamarjca.

Only need 5 people so cool peeps, good connection, and east coast will give you a advantage. :)



League 2
9 August 2004
I think im interested in this. Seems like its all fair and love. Shouldnt we all pick a team though???? before the start of the league>???? seems more interesting that way we can practice with that team offline... holler back son

Gascoigne USA

22 September 2003
Albany NY
Certainly pick a team, So far, Inter Milan, Roma, PSV, Arsenal, and Middlesbrough are all taken. I wanted to keep the teams in a decent area.. didnt want Real Madrid against Sunderland :) etc.. but feel free to pick a team. If you want in, contact me at my email or IM me with your details etc.


League 2
9 August 2004
Ok imma go with Man City even if i get my ass handed to me. It will be interesting to see how far I can get. My email is marin_leo@hotmail.com The name is BummyJab to play ONLINE. What other info do u need though???? I would prefer the games around 7pm to 8pm Mon-Thurs. Fridays and weekends i might not be around so this time is prob the best.


League 2
9 August 2004
Hey just a question, Since imma big computer idiot at times. OK i wanna hook up my ps2 and PC to work with the modem. BUT i dont wanna disconnect my modem and swithe the ethernet cable between the 2 everytime I use either of them. Is there such a thing as an ethernet router. Or should I get a 2nd modem and split from a cable router????????

Sorry if this sounds stupid but its annoying disconnecting cables everytime i play online. U can email me the answer if u want..

Gascoigne USA

22 September 2003
Albany NY
Hey Iceobar, Your not from Watford England are ya? That would be a laggy game eh?? :) Well I was looking to start round 1 games sunday-tuesday of next week, and the round 2 games would be wednesday-Saturday. Basically be like that till the league finishes. ANy idea if you could make these??


12 December 2002
Forza Roma and Forza Tottigol!

UEFA Cup game on Wed: Roma v Brugge (in HD on WorldsportHD)
*Totti's injured but Montella makes his return

I might change from Tottenham, seeing as there are a bunch of EPL teams already. I might go German or Spanish.

Gascoigne USA

22 September 2003
Albany NY
Teams taken right now.
Manchester City
Inter Milan

Still waiting on Boli to respond to my email. if hes in, then we will have a complete league... If I dont hear from him, I will get another one to fill his place


It's not a bad idea to start out small and then expand from there depending on how well it goes and all that...

Hopefully the website will evolve to allow for player writeups, stat entry and things like that.


League 2
6 August 2003
New Jersey
AS Roma
Hey Guys,

Gascoigne is busy at work but I have been helping him with this. He wanted to let you know that we closed out the league last night. Did the schedule alredy etc. We will take your info, email etc and add more teams when we are done with this league. Sorry to those of you know that didn't get in on the 1st round but we will do another one once we finish this first season. Thank you.

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25 April 2002
Centreville, VA (USA)
jumbo said:
yo all

just played wit jflores online. nice to see people from here playin.

add me to the comp.

SG-jumbo, Ajax

You played great. You have a nice team offensively and defensively. I am still trying to get used to the shooting and one on one finishing.

I lost most of my games for not scoring on 1vs1 with the keeper.

I'll be online tonight for a rematch.

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