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Women's Football Thread


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
Incredible form... I need more angles Im very interested in her tats. So, I need closer photos and I'm curious to see what they mean.


26 May 2004
Hong Kong / Toronto
Man Utd
So the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off and here are the scores so far. Did any of you catch the action?

Canada 1:0 China

New Zealand 0:1 Netherlands

Norway 4:0 Thailand

Germany 10:0 Ivory Coast

Germany really putting on a show with a 10:0 victory and look strong to go all the way. Where as the hosts needed a 89th minute penalty to get past China.

USA, Japan and Sweden, the other favourites, are all up today.


World Cup Winner
16 July 2011
A ridiculous penalty for Canada too. I watched that game and the Netherlands game, nice goal by Martens. The Dutch goalkeeper is only 168cm.


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
Im trying to watch it ,but it seems too one-sided matches and the lvl of GK is shocking. I see the U.S. and can`t get excited by their win I see others jumping up and down w/ glee . Im just watching to see whose easy to look at. I became my wife when she watches men footy lol .

Japan vs Swiss , the swiss #10 just ran clueless w/ the ball made me chuckle, no passing ,or looking to create just running somewhere to get nowhere.

Thailand don`t know how to kick,control ,nor run.
Ivory Coast were admiring German women, that look taller and stronger then men.
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