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Death Stranding


Gordon's alive!
3 August 2003
The more I see of actual gameplay, the worse this looks. I think I would rather just watch the cut-scenes as a movie, extremely long as it now doubt is.

Here is Giant Bomb's take on the long stream, but be warned, some of them are fairly down on it



9 June 2003
Blackburn, UK
I think that this is going to be "peak" Hideo. Sony have basically let him create a game that he wants without any real constraints.

It is going to be marmite game in that people who "get" him will love it whereas others will be just be plain baffled or bored by it.

Sami 1999

28 June 2015
It's not looking much interesting. But I'll hold my judgement until I play the game.

It seems to be similar to Seaman on Sega Dreamcast where you have to take your time to finish the game.


Champions League
18 August 2018


Champions League
10 August 2018
Jesus this review paints some absolutely brilliant game. I know games like this are not for everyone, but that exactly the type I love. Slow, vast, focused on survival and struggle..
I wasnt convinced about buying it, but after reading this - I will jump in with both feet. Week to go.
Exactly my thoughts, it sounds like something I'd enjoy a lot. Makes a change from the cookie cutter games we constantly get these days.
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