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..::Poll:.. PES 2019 turning and dribbling animation

Do you want turning and dribbling animation to be more smooth and natural? (less sliding feel )

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12 January 2012
I created this topic to gather votes in order to request KONAMI developer team to change/rework turning and dribbling animation in PES 2019 (as seen in gameplay videos),

I think the "sliding/ice skating" feel is much more present this year, compared to previous year releases.

Please vote if you're happy or not from what you've seen.
Also vote here:
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Definitely for me. My main gripe as well. But I have a feeling it's done this way on purpose to decrease input lag, and to make the game flow quick from end to end. Takes away a lot of realism and ignores stats, but makes the game non stop "fun".

I put fun in " " because it's not my type of fun.


12 January 2012
I think that it could at least be at PES 2018 level...This year is excessive.
If moderators agree, please make this thread sticky, to gain attention and votes.

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I dont understand this poll, of course people want better animations
Exactly. I never understand why people make polls like this - you might as well ask "do you think PES 2019 should be BETTER than PES 2018? YES or NO"... Who's going to vote "NO"?

If you want to know if people view it as a priority - and if you want someone to take it seriously - put it in a list with other potential areas for improvement and ask people to vote for the one thing they'd change if they could (e.g. AI, tactical implementation, ball physics, deeper Master League, deeper myClub, more licenses)...

Then you'll find out if people care about it. (I'm betting that, in comparison to all of that stuff, it wouldn't be top of the list - and unfortunately, Konami just don't have the resources to upgrade all of that stuff at once. We might as well stop pretending that they do.)


12 January 2012
To answer the above questions. This poll is like a petition.
Because many members have noticed that dribbling and turning is way worse than previous releases.
Furthermore, many people really don't mind if the player turns like a puppet without inertia.
So these people could vote = "hm, i don't mind"
Finally some people prefer this arcadey style of moving, so the will vote "im fine with that"
So not everyone wants realistic turning and dribbling.


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I answered "yes, definately" although I think the wording "smooth" is a bit dangerous. I know what you mean by the question, but it could be misunderstood as more responsive.

Maybe a better wording would have been "realistic" or "with more pronounced inertia".

Re: wether the poll makes sense, I feel like it's more a matter of making devs aware and show them what direction we would like on a realistic/inertia vs unrealistic/ultra responsive scale. And also to say that PES 2018 pretty much had this nailed so they should strive towards that!
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