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The 'Things That Piss Me Off' Thread


Gordon's alive!
3 August 2003
Why would lizard men dress up as real men and pretend they are on the moon?
That does seem silly, also seems silly to not just go to the moon when the most expensive part of the whole endeavour is sending the rocket to space, something they could not have faked.

And what exactly is so crazy or far fetched about the Moon missions?

Some people would be saying the same thing about passenger airplanes if they had never seen or tried one. "What a perfectly absurd idea, something weighing hundreds of tons, flying through the air? Sounds about as insane as something that's hundreds of thousands of tons, and made of steel, floating on water? Even sailing between places? I say you are mad, good sir, mad!"


Champions League
18 August 2018
Yeah but someone didn't fly to the Costa del Sol once, take some fake pictures and never try it again did they?
If costs of your trip to Costa del Sol were fat milions and there was, basically, fuck all on Costa del Sol (and you only flew there to show that your dick is bigger than your friends dick) then, yeah, you probably wouldnt come back either..


6 March 2019
One thing that pisses me off; games deemed suitable for children having horrible monetisation mechanics in them, then people having the nerve to blame the parents for not knowing they’re in there before exposing their children to them.

It’s literally the most idiotic and naive thinking.


28 September 2010
The alarms awaking in the modern mobile phones really really pisses me off. I think they are programmed to be ultra soft in our days. The lightest touch can make it go to snooze mode or even worse switch it off. The worst part is they have their own consciousness now and they seem to decide by themselves when to stop, making me be late in some occasions. I remember my old Nokia 3330 could alarm for the whole eternity if I wouldn’t get up to close it properly.

On the other hand the rrewind timer which I use to boil milk for my son, seems to work as the alarm should. It keeps pinging until you press the stop button, which is sometimes impossible when you boil milk during night carrying a baby in you hug.
FFS people they should work vice-versa!!!


Golden Boot Winner
7 January 2007
You have to wash your hands before you go to pee for god sake, not really after thats just politeness towards others! Only exception is if you had two beers at least of course, then you can skip the washing part altogether.

Flipper the Priest

Vorlander Enthusiast
15 July 2003
I've got a three hour podcast here that says you're a liar. :LOL:

Also, re: thread title. FIFA 20.
Aye but we have stuff in common. I'm meaning my girlfriend, family, folk like that. :LOL:

A five hour drive through the Highlands yesterday. Barely a moment of peace. Either my other half reckons I know literally everything or it was questions for the sake of it.


26 July 2018
Just got my TV licence bill.

Feels real good to know I'm paying for moronic political news reporters to chat about a guff in the wind.
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